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lachrymoselife's Journal

live to the point of tears

kristen. (krees-ten)
1. nineteen.
2. in love with love and lousy poetry.
3. addicted to random acts of kindness, skipping down crowded streets, & pilates.
4. sophomore at northwestern university full of naive delusions about changing the world.
5. heart of a poet, mind of a writer, personality of an overgrown five year old.

♥ ♥ ♥

abnormal psychology, acoustic guitars, acting irrational, affection, american beauty, angels, bailey's irish creme, ballet slippers, band-aids, bartending, beach, beauty, being lost, billy joel, blowing kisses, blue skies, blueberries, brand new, bright eyes, broadway, chalking poetry on sidewalks, chasing amy, chicago, conviction, crayons, crying, cuddling, curly hair, daisies, dancing in the rain, dancing in underwear, dashboard confessional, daydreaming, deep conversation, desires, dimples, drama, dreaming, eloise, emo, emotion, epiphanies, eternity, eyes, fairy tales, fate, fireflies, fishnets, fluffy clouds, forever, fresh air, glitter, guitar chords, hair in your eyes, hearts that skip beats, hints of color, holding hands, hopeless romantics, idealism, inevitable disaster, italian, kindergarten love, kissing, kiwis, lacrosse, late night drives, laughter, lolipops, long eyelashes, love, lush in a bottle, lyrical emotion, magic wands, malibu bay breezes, marilyn monroe, memories, midnight, missing yesterday, moments, moonbeams, music, necklaces, never let go, new york city, northwestern, obscure bands, old school jewel, painted toenails, passion, peanut butter, philosophy, photography, pilates, pink lemonade, pink lipstick, pinky promises, playgrounds, poetic moments, poetry, pretending, pretty baby, pretty eyes, pretty pretty princess, random acts of kindness, reading, red lipstick, rhinestones, risking everything, rose petals, running against the wind, running through sprinklers, sarcasam, sex on the beach, sexual tension, silence, singing into hairbrushes, skipping, small towns, snow football, sparkles, staring contests, stars, sugar highs, summer thunderstorms, sunkissed skin, sunroofs, sunsets, sweaters, swimming, teddy bears, ten mile runs, the idea of love, tiaras, tutus, twilight, unconventional beauty, wanting more than this, weakerthans lyrics, wearing boy's t-shirts, when harry met sally, whispers, white oleander, wildflowers, windy nights, wings, wishing wells, wonder, words, writing, writing in cursive